Google will sell adds in fifty newspapers

Google will begin to sell advertising in 50 newspapers of the big USA cities, as the company announced yesterday, in diaries like The New York Times, The Washington Post and others newspapers like Gannet and McClatchy. Up to fifty newspapers and hundred advertisers will take part in this experiment.

And we said experiment because it is a three month long test, as an example of how Google tries to expand beyond the net, including projects of advertising in radio and television.

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Google Co-op

Google Co-opGoogle has just throw a new service (in beta), called Google Custom Search Engine (Google’s Personalize Seeker).

Actually, more than a new service, it’s the improvement of ” Adsense for search ” and also looks like the response to a very seemed service that Yahoo! offers. Between Google Co-op’s principal characteristics we have:

  • Define search engine
  • Refine searches (tags)
  • Add logo
  • Change result color and styles (title, text, links, and more)
  • Include AdSense ads.
  • Invite up to 100 collaborators for the seeker maintenance
  • Available API

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Microsoft and Yahoo prepare themselves to fight against Google

Microsofr and Yahoo against Google

The impetus of Google in developing their Internet strategy is motivating the two other Internet giants.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, has declared that with Google it’s difficult to find and to incorporate new and better talents. That’s why, they have decided to increase their next year budget for research and development to 7.5 billion dollars, which are 1.3 billion dollars more than they declared a few months ago behind, in May.

By the other hand, today Yahoo has realized an acquisition and an investment. They know that the competition in Internet has increased and are prepared for it. In addition, for almost one month, Yahoo is in conversations to acquire Facebook (for 1 billion dollars); even when these conversations have cooled because Facebook requests a higher offer.

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Google + YouTube = 2 billions in lawyers

Larry Page and Sergey Brin thought that with the acquisition of YouTube they would obtain a community with million users. At only few days of the acquisition, this is not the only thing they have obtained ….

Recently, the Time Warner has demonstrated, in the British diary The Guardian, that they have initiated conversations with the managers of YouTube in order to guard over their author’s copyright. To guard over their rights? Though it is true, YouTube might be infringing their author’s copyright, but what a coincidence that they announce their worry just after the famous buy.

Dick Parsons, chief executive of Time Warner said that even when they have started actions, the decision to guard over their author’s copyright has not been a consequence of YouTube’s acquisition by Google.

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Ten Firefox’s best extensions for Web development

This one is a brief summary of what in my opinion are the best firefox extensions for Web development. But careful, it’s not a closed Top Ten there are still several extensions that we can keep for another moment.


A magnificent HTML editor, has three views: Code, WYSIWYG and a Firefox preview. Also it allows you to open theses previews in other browsers, has a file bar to surf easily between directories. It has an embed JavaScript console. Facilitates the code validation according to the W3C and has an advanced panel of search/replacement/result. For those who use Dreamweaver, this extension turns out to be very familiar. Download.


DevBoi offers a quick lateral access to documentation and manuals about XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby on Rails and others. Obviously it requires an Internet connection. Between the information it provides, for example in CSS indicates you the support of every attribute in multiples browsers IE5 Mac, IE 5, IE 5.5, IE 6, Mozilla, Opera 5, Opera 6, Opera 7, Konqueror 2.2, Safari 1. It is configurable. Download.

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Making money with YouTube

Yesterday they signed the contract and today services are announced… According to the British diary dailymail, YouTube’s users might get a slice of the advertising revenue on the pages containing their uploaded videos. Will it be AdSense? There is nothing confirmed yet, but witch other system could be.

YouTube has turned into one of the most popular sites in the net, with more than 100 millions of video clips seen per day and approximately 72 millions of users.

On the other hand, many people think that the acquisition of YouTube’s by Google could make force on Yahoo in order to buy Facebook, the second most popular social site in Internet. As said by the diary, Yahoo! has offered approximately US$ 790 million dollars for Facebook (application very used by university students who store their information and also share with friends).

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Google has acquired YouTube

After several days of negotiation, Google has just announced the acquisition of Youtube for US$ 1.65 billion dollars.

YouTube will continue operating as an independent service, but both companies will be benefit by sharing their technologies. For example, the have announced AdWords’s support in the videos.

Together with the acquisition of blogger, this one looks like one of the big plays in the strategy of Google for dominated the web services. Besides, today even Google and YouTube have realized agreements with diverse companies of audio-visual contents (CBS, Warner and Universal) to obtain licenses of materials with copy rights.

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Official Google Blog hacked by a bug in blogger

Google Blogoscoped has demonstrated that Google’s official corporate blog was hacked during the weekend. Google Blog had, during a brief time, a “fake” post that was announcing that they were going to cancel the “Click-To-Call” project because “they had considered that the agreement with eBay was a monopoly that can damage other small companies in the CRM area”.

Google Blog has confirmed the fact and also that it was about vulnerability in Blogger, but they have not explained anything of the bug.

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