Ten Firefox’s best extensions for Web development

This one is a brief summary of what in my opinion are the best firefox extensions for Web development. But careful, it’s not a closed Top Ten there are still several extensions that we can keep for another moment.


A magnificent HTML editor, has three views: Code, WYSIWYG and a Firefox preview. Also it allows you to open theses previews in other browsers, has a file bar to surf easily between directories. It has an embed JavaScript console. Facilitates the code validation according to the W3C and has an advanced panel of search/replacement/result. For those who use Dreamweaver, this extension turns out to be very familiar. Download.


DevBoi offers a quick lateral access to documentation and manuals about XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby on Rails and others. Obviously it requires an Internet connection. Between the information it provides, for example in CSS indicates you the support of every attribute in multiples browsers IE5 Mac, IE 5, IE 5.5, IE 6, Mozilla, Opera 5, Opera 6, Opera 7, Konqueror 2.2, Safari 1. It is configurable. Download.


One of the best. Firebug opens a console to see the Web internal functioning, with it we can optimize the CSS, HTML, JavaScript and correct mistakes in the xmlhttpresquest calls. For it the code is located clicking on an element of the Web or by the other way, the Web elements can be located selecting part of the code. Download.

Regular Expression Tester

Test and mistake at the moment of creating regular expressions can be a difficult task. But for it there exists this extension, with which in a very simple way we can play with RegEx until we obtain the regular perfect expression. Regular Expression Tester opens a popup window where we can introduce the expression and verify its efficiency. Download.

Html Validator

Very useful to verify if the Web that we are creating fulfills the accessibility canons. The extension adds an icon and a text in the status bar indicating the number of mistakes the page has. Besides it adds two windows: one contains the list of mistakes and the other shows a small explanation of the mistakes as it is done click in each one. Download.

Professor X

It allows viewing information in the Web without going to the tools menu. Making easier the reading of META etiquettes, and links in the included files (CSS, JS, RSS). It is really useful and practical. Download.

Fire FTP

Provides quick, direct and multiplatform access to FTP servers. FireFTP turns Firefox into a complete FTP client, no matter the platform of your PC. The extension opens a new tab with two windows with which it’s possible to send and download files in an intuitive WYSIWYG environment. Download.

SEO for Firefox

Indispensable for the SEO world. This extension provides you link information of each one of the results of Google and Yahoo!, including the PageRank, the links in Yahoo, del.icio.us or Technorati, the Alexa ranking, the cached Webs in Google, its old, WHOIS, links in DMOZ and is completely configurable. Download.

Show IP

This extension shows the IP address of the current page, practical to verify the IP of our hosting and other Webs. Besides, it permits us to obtain IP information, like the hosting name, the WhoIs and NetCraft. Also, we can copy the IP and paste it in our clipboard or use one or other web service and verify with which other domains we share our hosting. Download.

IE Tab

Let us open Internet Explorer in a tab. Useful to verify that our designs are optimized so much for FF as for IE, without need to open this last one. Even being a very helpful extension for Web designers, it’s also for common users. Download.

If you haven’t proved Firefox, you don’t really know what you are losing. Download it from the next link and also collaborate with the blog.

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