Java via an Open Source for Christmas

As you read and after a lot time of pressures. The CEO of Sun MicroSystem, Jonathan Schwartz, has officially announced that they will offer Java under a license approved by the Open Source Initiative.

The term about they think to take it to end is 30 to 60 days, in other words for Christmas Java will be an Open Source platform. It is necessary to mention that Sun’s decision was a discontentedly one, as a result to the pressure got for a group of developers (Tim Bray, Simon Phipps and Graham Hamilton between others) and IBM, who thought to initiate a Java opened version and distributed it under an Apache 2.0 license.

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Open source community needs a haircut and to dress for success

Former Massachusetts Chief Information Officer Peter Quinn, who was deeply involved of the OpenDocument vs. Microsoft format debate, has some advice for the open source community. If you want to get traction in commercial environments, lose the sandals and ponytails, Quinn said.

“Open source has an unprofessional appearance, and the community needs to be more business-savvy in order to start to make inroads in areas traditionally dominated by commercial software vendors. (Having) a face on a project or agenda makes it attractive for politicians (to consider open source),” Quinn said speaking at LinuxWorld Australia. The “sandal and ponytail set,” Quinn said, contribute to the slow uptake of Linux in government and business, according to the story by ZDNet Australia reporters Matthew Overington and Steven Deare.
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