Wired Top Gadgets of the year

Wired has tried and decided. Their machines and gadgets annual test has experimented with more than 300 devices and these are the winners:


The best of the best mobile telephones is the Motorola Q, a smartphone that besides working uses as center of entertainment. In the category of smartphones, follow the blackberry Pearl 8100 and the Samsung SPH-A900 as fashion telephone. If we want a mobile with camera, they recommend the Helium Hero, and if we prefer music, the LG Fusic.

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Windows Vista already has official release date

It will be January 30th, 2007 when the new operative system comes to the consumers hands, after five years of wait.

Joining the also newborn Internet Explorer 7, the new operative system includes improvements as a more powerful search of files system, the new version of Windows Media Player, or major quality graphs.

Though the big Microsoft clients will have the package on November 30th, the retail users will have to wait two more months to possess the new version.

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Google will sell adds in fifty newspapers

Google will begin to sell advertising in 50 newspapers of the big USA cities, as the company announced yesterday, in diaries like The New York Times, The Washington Post and others newspapers like Gannet and McClatchy. Up to fifty newspapers and hundred advertisers will take part in this experiment.

And we said experiment because it is a three month long test, as an example of how Google tries to expand beyond the net, including projects of advertising in radio and television.

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Monster allies with MSN to give service in ten European countries

Monster, specializing company in career services has announced an alliance with MSN to provide services in ten European countries.

Just think, this collaboration will allow the employment portal to achieve major visibility of their employment offers across the MSN net, while offering a new service to their subscribers directly from their homepage.

Nowadays Monster’s services are available trough MSN in United Kingdom, France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Norway and Sweden, they will extend Denmark in November 2007, and to Holland and Germany in January 2008.

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Ranking of countries where making business is easier

The World Bank published in July a very interesting report called Doing business in 2006: Creating Jobs. And even when it’s not a recent new, let me tell you that it’s very helpful is to know wich are the top thirty economies based on the ease of doing business. To summarizes, this report is a product of an investigation on the regulations to the economic activity that must be fulfilled in every country using new quantitative indicators on the regulations to the business and doing comparisons between 155 countries (from Afghanistan up to Zimbabwe). In my opinion, a very interesting reading.

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Google: The power of a search engine

Few nights ago I saw a documental in the Deutsche Welle fully dedicated to Google. It didn’t bring very novel information; but what called my attention were the direct critiques that they did against Google Inc.

The documental basically focuses in two points of view, which made it entertaining: From the first approach, more technical, they comment Google’s history, how it organizes the information, the services that it gives; and from the other hand, the history of a youngster who handles easier her life thanks to Google.

So, from the first approach, the experts criticize hardly the tremendous monopoly Google is turning into – already, 80 % of the searches in Germany carries out with this search engine-, the few information that the company provides to the press, the censorship in China allowed by economic interests, between other things.

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European stocks give up week’s gains

European stock markets gave up most of the week’s gains in the space of a few hours on Friday, as markets went into profit-taking mode after an initial benefit from U.S. jobs data.

The French CAC 40 index dropped 0.9 percent to 5,174, the German DAX 30 index weakened 1.3 percent to 5,952 and the UK FTSE 100 dropped 0.3 percent to 6,026.
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