Google + YouTube = 2 billions in lawyers

Larry Page and Sergey Brin thought that with the acquisition of YouTube they would obtain a community with million users. At only few days of the acquisition, this is not the only thing they have obtained ….

Recently, the Time Warner has demonstrated, in the British diary The Guardian, that they have initiated conversations with the managers of YouTube in order to guard over their author’s copyright. To guard over their rights? Though it is true, YouTube might be infringing their author’s copyright, but what a coincidence that they announce their worry just after the famous buy.

Dick Parsons, chief executive of Time Warner said that even when they have started actions, the decision to guard over their author’s copyright has not been a consequence of YouTube’s acquisition by Google.

But, being or not a consequence, having or not relation; it’s a strange coincidence and a sign of what is coming. Will other media giants start taking legal actions against Google?

Source: The Guardian