Microsoft and Yahoo prepare themselves to fight against Google

Microsofr and Yahoo against Google

The impetus of Google in developing their Internet strategy is motivating the two other Internet giants.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, has declared that with Google it’s difficult to find and to incorporate new and better talents. That’s why, they have decided to increase their next year budget for research and development to 7.5 billion dollars, which are 1.3 billion dollars more than they declared a few months ago behind, in May.

By the other hand, today Yahoo has realized an acquisition and an investment. They know that the competition in Internet has increased and are prepared for it. In addition, for almost one month, Yahoo is in conversations to acquire Facebook (for 1 billion dollars); even when these conversations have cooled because Facebook requests a higher offer.

Right now, Google is most requested in the whole world, the companies prefer being acquired by them and people prefer working for them. This way, as TechCrunch refers, Googles’s YouTube’s recent acquisition is the last one of a series of stings given both to Microsoft and to Yahoo, doing that these wonder if they will be able to compete against Google in the future…