SMO, Rules of Social Media Optimization

A new phrase starts taking force in the world of Internet marketing. As well as it is common to talk about the importance of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in a web life; with the emergence of increasingly dynamical social applications and sites, there arises also the importance of optimizing the web social communication, this optimization is known as SMO (Social Media Optimization).

The appearance of social communities, web portals 2.0, mashups, RSS and millions of blogs interacting, are changing the classic Internet traffic distribution. Before, traffic was provided almost only by the portals – seekers, now on the other hand many visits come for references. To close our eyes before this change, would be a great mistake.

For it, Rohit Bhargava started outlining the first directives to optimize the Web social communication, which they have been increasing and here I summarize.

Rules of Social Media Optimization

1. Increase your linkability: The first one and more important. The web has to stop being “static” as possible.

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Microsoft mixes software for business ‘mashups’

Chairman Bill Gates said Monday that the line continues to blur between Office-like tools and programs that house businesses’ more formalized, or structured, data.

“Applications are changing in their architecture,” Gates said, speaking at the Convergence 2006 trade show here.

Gates said that much of the work in Microsoft’s Business Solutions unit consists of helping workers more easily traverse the boundary with other software, as well as connect to Internet-based data. “We’re taking the best elements of the online world, where we are seeing mashups,” he said. Mashups are hybrid software that combine content from more than source, such as real-time traffic reports and a map, and present them in a Web site.
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