Windows Vista already has official release date

It will be January 30th, 2007 when the new operative system comes to the consumers hands, after five years of wait.

Joining the also newborn Internet Explorer 7, the new operative system includes improvements as a more powerful search of files system, the new version of Windows Media Player, or major quality graphs.

Though the big Microsoft clients will have the package on November 30th, the retail users will have to wait two more months to possess the new version.

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Download Windows Media Player 11

Download Windows Media Player 11

Windows Media Player 11 (definitive version), is already available to download. About the characteristics there is no much to say (there’s bookshop and online shop improvement). But what bring my attention are the very fresh and renewed design and the simple but elegant interface, which gives signs of what is going to be the next Windows Vista.

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CSS changes for IE7

The development team of Internet Explorer 7 have published a post indicating the “improvements” of the new browser. Useful improvements for the CSS design and that only work under the <! DOCTYPE> switch, this to preserve the compatibility with IE’s previous versions.

Between the changes, I find five essential ones:

  • Support of Min/max width/height (ideal for designs with images)
  • To show transparent PNG (alpha channel support)
  • To show: hover in all the elements (not only for links)
  • Fixed Position‘s Support (to support a fixed element in certain position)
  • Background-attachment (to support the background of any fixed element)

And also it is necessary to emphasize the improvement of the support to the <objet> tag (to show multimedia – videos elements).

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Download Internet Explorer 7

The final version or definitive version of Internet Explorer 7 is already available to download, right now only in English. Importantly: The requirement to be able to install the program is to use Windows XP Service Pack 2.

This version is practically similar to beta 2, no change or significant improvement:

  • We already commented the tab use, even when they cannot be reordered.
  • And they also announced that the safety has been improved, but already one has found vulnerability.

What I have noticed is that IE7 has a better speed performance, for what is advisable to download this official version or updated it.

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Microsoft mixes software for business ‘mashups’

Chairman Bill Gates said Monday that the line continues to blur between Office-like tools and programs that house businesses’ more formalized, or structured, data.

“Applications are changing in their architecture,” Gates said, speaking at the Convergence 2006 trade show here.

Gates said that much of the work in Microsoft’s Business Solutions unit consists of helping workers more easily traverse the boundary with other software, as well as connect to Internet-based data. “We’re taking the best elements of the online world, where we are seeing mashups,” he said. Mashups are hybrid software that combine content from more than source, such as real-time traffic reports and a map, and present them in a Web site.
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Big day for RSS on Windows

Talk about a one-two punch. NewsGator launched new versions of both their Outlook add-in, now called NewsGator Inbox, and FeedDemon, a desktop RSS client. The company has also completely redesigned their pricing to address customer concerns about the subscription model they adopted in the previous release. NewsGator founder Greg Reinacker, announcing the new releases on his blog yesterday wrote:

“And finally, as of these releases we’ve made good on our promise to abolish the subscription model as you used to know it. Now, you can buy FeedDemon or NewsGator Inbox (and soon NetNewsWire) for $29.95, and you’ll get a free year subscription which includes value-added services such as synchronization (and lots more to come). At the end of that year, you can choose to renew your subscription if you wish for $19.95. But if you choose not to renew, your software will continue to work forever – just without the online-specific features.”

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