How many Web sites are in Internet?

According to Web server’s last statistics elaborated by NetCraft, there are more than 100 million web sites in the whole world. As you can see in the graph, the growth has been enormous principally in the last 2 years. In August, 1995 they existed near than 19 thousand sites, in 2004 near than 50 million web sites and know more than 100 million.

According to the web statistics company, the main cause of this explosive growth of last two years, are blogs and small business web sites. Can you even imagine that? I do.

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9 Ways to Recycle a Press Release

Stop letting good press releases go to waste! Put them to work for you with these nine tips for reusing your press release content.

What do you do with your press releases when you’re done with them? Do you file them away and forget about them? Or do they just get tossed in the trash? Well, don’t dismiss those press releases just yet. Consider these nine ideas for getting more use out of them.

1. Use them as web copy. Extract facts, statistics and quotes from experts, and use them as supporting website content. Weave into your website comments from satisfied customers or people who’ve tested your product or service as testimonials.
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What should be your corporate blog’s URL?

I was asked via email by a reader whether a company’s blog should live at or

If the blog will get more links by being at an arm’s length from the corporate site, then I’d have it on a totally separate domain.

For example, if a life insurance company had a blog about health and wellness at, I would expect that to garner many more links from the blogosphere than one at

This may seem like an oversimplification, since I haven’t discussed the branding implications, but I believe the “link-ability” of the blog is the key ingredient for long-term success with a corporate blog. Everything else to me is peripheral.