Download Windows Media Player 11

Download Windows Media Player 11

Windows Media Player 11 (definitive version), is already available to download. About the characteristics there is no much to say (there’s bookshop and online shop improvement). But what bring my attention are the very fresh and renewed design and the simple but elegant interface, which gives signs of what is going to be the next Windows Vista.

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Secret Formulas

Secret Formulas 

3 months ago, the India Supreme Court command the Coca Cola and Pepsico companies to reveal the secret formulas (ingredients and chemical composition) of their products, due to the fact that an ONG demand the information to discard a supposed presence of pesticides.

Today I find, that both “secret” formulas (not more) are already published in Internet. The page SodaMuseum has discovered both, besides divulging a lot of information related to each of the drinks (history, evolution, etc).

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Download Internet Explorer 7

The final version or definitive version of Internet Explorer 7 is already available to download, right now only in English. Importantly: The requirement to be able to install the program is to use Windows XP Service Pack 2.

This version is practically similar to beta 2, no change or significant improvement:

  • We already commented the tab use, even when they cannot be reordered.
  • And they also announced that the safety has been improved, but already one has found vulnerability.

What I have noticed is that IE7 has a better speed performance, for what is advisable to download this official version or updated it.

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How to watch free TV Online

Newly sold one of the most popular video services of Internet, and another service something similar, starts being news. FreeTube is a web that offers free television online, besides without having to install any program.

Print Screen FreeTube

As you can see in the Print Screen, the quality is not bad; surely they automatically detect the connection speed and make the transmission with Windows Media Player.

But is good to notice that FreeTube offers more than 200 television channels, between them: AXN (yesterday recent addition), ESPN, CNN, MTV and many known television networks, and everything in video streaming.

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Official Google Blog hacked by a bug in blogger

Google Blogoscoped has demonstrated that Google’s official corporate blog was hacked during the weekend. Google Blog had, during a brief time, a “fake” post that was announcing that they were going to cancel the “Click-To-Call” project because “they had considered that the agreement with eBay was a monopoly that can damage other small companies in the CRM area”.

Google Blog has confirmed the fact and also that it was about vulnerability in Blogger, but they have not explained anything of the bug.

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4 Steps to Being Successful Online and Offline

Many people have come online to make enough money to either quit the day job, bring moms home to raise the children, obtain financial independence, or just to help get out of debt. The numbers of people pursuing these things are dramatically increasing day by day.

Heck, I’ve only come online a few months ago to, ultimately, have financial independence. At the time of this writing I haven’t achieved my main goal yet and i’m not going to be a self-proclaimed “guru” like a lot of people. I’m here to help set you straight as to what you need to do in order to accomplish what you want.

Typically, this can be divided up into several points.
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Cyclops Kitten

Adorable cyclops kitten. This little kitty, named Cy, was born on December 28. It came into this world with one eye and no nose. It lived but a single day.


Your Business Credit Profile

You can start building your business credit even before opening your doors for business. Your first step, if possible, is to establish your business as a separate entity in order to separate your business credit profile from your personal credit profile. This means you want your business to be structured as a corporation (a Limited Liability Company, or LLC, is most common for small businesses).
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