Technorati with new search feeds

When you want to be updated on certain topic you can choose between several solutions; such as, subscribe to google alerts and receive mail news, subscribe to youtube tags to know new videos or subscribe to Technorati’s feeds.

For those who didn’t know, Technorati is a blog searcher in “real time”. In other words, with results arranged by date (more recent first), unlike google where prevails the content relevancy and other factors.

Therefore, we can look for Firefox in Technorati and we will know the last published articles about it in different blogs. Now then, if we are interested in be always informed about this topic, we can subscribe to theirs feed very easily.

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Google: The power of a search engine

Few nights ago I saw a documental in the Deutsche Welle fully dedicated to Google. It didn’t bring very novel information; but what called my attention were the direct critiques that they did against Google Inc.

The documental basically focuses in two points of view, which made it entertaining: From the first approach, more technical, they comment Google’s history, how it organizes the information, the services that it gives; and from the other hand, the history of a youngster who handles easier her life thanks to Google.

So, from the first approach, the experts criticize hardly the tremendous monopoly Google is turning into – already, 80 % of the searches in Germany carries out with this search engine-, the few information that the company provides to the press, the censorship in China allowed by economic interests, between other things.

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11 ways of optimizing an URL

11 ways of optimizing an URL it is an article published in seomoz that seems to be very interesting, it shows really valuable information. The especially part that called my attention was point 6, since the web make fashionable spam seekers with subdomains. Here I left you part of the article.

11 advices to achieve successful URLs

1. Describe your content

An URL who says everything is a magnificent URL. If a user can read the URL and understand exactly the content of the page before at least seeing it, you will have done your work. Remember, these URLs are copied, shared, sent for email, annotated and even approved by the search engines.

2. Keep it short

Briefness is a virtue, remember it always. If you make a shorter URL, it will be easier to copy and paste, to read rapidly, to write it in a presentation card or to use it in hundreds of other slightly common ways, everything which gives it major utility.

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Optimizing Adsense For Better Performance and More Money!

So you want to make money with Google Adsense? I don’t blame you, who doesn’t want residual income! This article will show you how to better optimize Google Adsense to make more money from your web site(s).

Before we get into it, learn more about Google Adsense here:

First and foremost is: Positioning

Where you position your Adsense link boxes and banner ads is extremely important. Trying to make money from the bottom of your pages within your website just won’t cut it. You need to add your Adsense links right in the heart of your template or right in the heart of your content. I would personally suggest both actually.

Adding Adsense in the heart of your template:

Link Units:

Since the introduction of Google Adsense “link units”, we can now add what looks like a “menu system” to compliment our menu system within our website. This is HUGE. Have you ever just clicked on a website and kept clicking on the menu links? I know we all have. By adding a “Google link units” to your menu, you will get more clicks than you thought possible. Try adding the link units near the top for better performance and try creating your link units to match the color of your menu system in place. Once in a while I find myself clicking on a menu link unit without even realizing it which in turn gives more money to the website owner.
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Ten steps to boost your AdSense commission

Google AdSense is fast becoming the preferred way for people to earn an income online. Forget eBay and multiple affiliate programs – Whether you are a work-at-home mom trying to make a little extra cash or an Internet entrepreneur with hundreds of monetized websites, AdSense is truly the easiest way to earn money.

Double your income

Simply sign up for a free account, grab your ad code and paste it in your site. But here’s the amazing thing – no matter how much money AdSense is making for you right now, a few simple tweaks can increase that amount considerably. And I should know, after learning about these tricks, I more than doubled my AdSense commissions!

Read on to learn how!

The self-proclaimed AdSense gurus and experts are sharing this insider knowledge, for a fee. You can learn all these secrets from them, as long as you buy their e-book, sign up for their seminar or purchase their newsletter. But I’m going to share all their AdSense tricks for free. Here they are:
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Google buys the French National Library

Google announced today that it has taken over control of the French National Library. It managed to do so buy taking over rights belonging to the French Bourbon family.

Google plans to scan all the books in the library and make them digitally available through Google Books.

“Yes, there will be a small fee,” Sergey Brin of Google says, “but visitors from the .fr domain name will get access to the books at a reduced price. ”
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Google Earth may catch a break in patent quake

Google may get a break from a federal judge in a lawsuit claiming the company’s 3D Earth-mapping program violates patent rights.

In a preliminary order released last week, U.S. District Judge Douglas Woodlock in Massachusetts appeared to side with Google’s interpretations of the patent in question, a stance that could bode well for the search giant as the case moves on.
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Oops! Google accidentally deletes its blog

Google has admitted that it accidentally deleted its own official blog on Monday night. “We’ve determined the cause of tonight’s outage. The blog was mistakenly deleted by us (d’oh!) which allowed the blog address to be temporarily claimed by another user. This was not a hack, and nobody guessed our password. Our bad,” Jason Goldman, Blogger Product Manager, wrote in a posting on the Google Blog. Apparently, the Google Blog was unavailable for a short time on Monday.
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