Google: The power of a search engine

Few nights ago I saw a documental in the Deutsche Welle fully dedicated to Google. It didn’t bring very novel information; but what called my attention were the direct critiques that they did against Google Inc.

The documental basically focuses in two points of view, which made it entertaining: From the first approach, more technical, they comment Google’s history, how it organizes the information, the services that it gives; and from the other hand, the history of a youngster who handles easier her life thanks to Google.

So, from the first approach, the experts criticize hardly the tremendous monopoly Google is turning into – already, 80 % of the searches in Germany carries out with this search engine-, the few information that the company provides to the press, the censorship in China allowed by economic interests, between other things.

And from the second approach, they criticized the danger that represents that Google finds out practically quite all about our lives, not only with the seeker (which is already vast), but mainly with their other services: Gmail (personal life), Froogle (use preferences), Google Video (entertainment tastes), and the list goes on.

But almost at the end of the documental they spread the “supposed facility” to damaged Google Adsense. For this they showed two web site personages, who prove that using some programs in the net, they can do fraudulent clicks to AdSense’s banners. And this weakness might cause the declivity of this business platform as we already know.

In conclusion, the documental is an excellent production. Even with all the critics contains valid information that demonstrates the concern that Germany has with Google, a North American company, with an enormous power in their country and the world.