Windows Vista already has official release date

It will be January 30th, 2007 when the new operative system comes to the consumers hands, after five years of wait.

Joining the also newborn Internet Explorer 7, the new operative system includes improvements as a more powerful search of files system, the new version of Windows Media Player, or major quality graphs.

Though the big Microsoft clients will have the package on November 30th, the retail users will have to wait two more months to possess the new version.

Or one of the new versions, because we can buy Windows Vista in four different editions: Basic, for the most modest client; Premium, for domestic use but more sophisticated and directed specially to those who use their computer to play; Business, for small and megdium companies that don’t need multimedia functions; and Ultimate, which will combine the Premium and Business editions, beside including data encrypt technology.

The official release takes place after several arrears that have prevented the company from coming in time for Christmas campaign, undoubtedly the best time for computers sales in the year. But even with that threat, I think the product quality and the market expectation will be almost the same.

Link: SlippperyBrick