Wired Top Gadgets of the year

Wired has tried and decided. Their machines and gadgets annual test has experimented with more than 300 devices and these are the winners:


The best of the best mobile telephones is the Motorola Q, a smartphone that besides working uses as center of entertainment. In the category of smartphones, follow the blackberry Pearl 8100 and the Samsung SPH-A900 as fashion telephone. If we want a mobile with camera, they recommend the Helium Hero, and if we prefer music, the LG Fusic.

The best photo camera is the Pentax K100D, and for video the model HV10 of Canon. The dream TV, Sony TAV-L1: LCD screen with a quality flat loudspeaker. But don’t forget to connect this flaming television to the video TiVo Series3, considered the best American market digital video.


We come to one of the most disputed prizes: music. In portable players, the winner is the Toshiba Gigabeat MES30VW. Apple’s reign is over, the Gigabeat does the same thing that iPod and much more, especially in video. The overthrown one iPod goes to the second position, while the small Creative Zen V Bonus takes the golden medal between the mini players.


But, to make Apple feel better for the decrease of their player, the Apple MacBook Pro of fifteen inches takes the victory in the portable computers classification. And who wins in the war of the consoles? Of course, the flaming Wii, that takes the big prize in this category. Good for the winners!