Technorati with new search feeds

When you want to be updated on certain topic you can choose between several solutions; such as, subscribe to google alerts and receive mail news, subscribe to youtube tags to know new videos or subscribe to Technorati’s feeds.

For those who didn’t know, Technorati is a blog searcher in “real time”. In other words, with results arranged by date (more recent first), unlike google where prevails the content relevancy and other factors.

Therefore, we can look for Firefox in Technorati and we will know the last published articles about it in different blogs. Now then, if we are interested in be always informed about this topic, we can subscribe to theirs feed very easily.

The URL is:

But that’s not all; technorati allows us to personalize these feeds in order that they only come from blogs with “authority”, from your favorite blogs, from a certain category and / or only in your language.

In that way the URL would be:

Link: Micro Persuasion