Automate Your Internet Business

What should you start to do then? Follow these as a start:-

1. Build Your Opt-In Lists
If you want to stay in internet business, then you must really build your own targeted opt-in subscribers. Remember this basic yet critical rule by hard. But you don’t have to scratch your head hard. This can be achieved quite easily by using auto-responder system that helps to sequentially sending out a planned series of email messages to your beloved opt-in subscribers. So, what you need to do is to entice your website visitors to subscript by giving them some valuable products or service in return. Repeat these consistently by setting this process to run even without you having to look it again. That’s our goal here — Automate it.

2. Setup an Ezine or Newsletter.
Setup your very own ezine or newsletter and start collecting emails. It could be a simple and short training course, or an ezine that you would publish weekly or monthly. The important preparation is to create about 8 or 9 messages prior begin to accept subscribers. By doing this, you’ll always be several steps well ahead of the online strategy. Commonly, publishers send it on weekly basis, with their mailings that’s several days apart to keep subscribers afresh. You should keep in mind that you need to allow your subscribers a chance to digest the information.
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Using Technology to Manage Customer Loyalty

Don’t let your customer satisfaction research initiative collect dust on a shelf. Integrate technology with research to optimize the use of customer information.

The typical company spends 80% of customer research time and effort gathering information, and only 20% of that time using it. Companies conduct research to gather information, but it is only useful if it can be turned into positive action.

In the audio book, “Sound Advice on Customer Loyalty,” author Steve Walker suggests that integrating technology with research lets companies act on customer feedback intelligently everyday, translating into more loyal customers, and more profit at the bottom line.

Walker outlines three key applications of technology that help make customer research more effective.
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