Automate Your Internet Business

What should you start to do then? Follow these as a start:-

1. Build Your Opt-In Lists
If you want to stay in internet business, then you must really build your own targeted opt-in subscribers. Remember this basic yet critical rule by hard. But you don’t have to scratch your head hard. This can be achieved quite easily by using auto-responder system that helps to sequentially sending out a planned series of email messages to your beloved opt-in subscribers. So, what you need to do is to entice your website visitors to subscript by giving them some valuable products or service in return. Repeat these consistently by setting this process to run even without you having to look it again. That’s our goal here — Automate it.

2. Setup an Ezine or Newsletter.
Setup your very own ezine or newsletter and start collecting emails. It could be a simple and short training course, or an ezine that you would publish weekly or monthly. The important preparation is to create about 8 or 9 messages prior begin to accept subscribers. By doing this, you’ll always be several steps well ahead of the online strategy. Commonly, publishers send it on weekly basis, with their mailings that’s several days apart to keep subscribers afresh. You should keep in mind that you need to allow your subscribers a chance to digest the information.

3. Product Management Strategy
Some people just don’t get this one right, don’t fall into this. You should be using shopping carts software to help you manage your items. By utilizing the shopping cart software, your payment processing and product delivery could be secured and efficient. Follow the instruction and guides that comes along with the software, you wouldn’t be far from it. Yep, it’s that straight forward; don’t have to be so fancy.

4. Tracking for Marketing and Advertising Campaigns.
Yes, you MUST keep track of your return of investment. Your advertising expenditures are your investment for your online business too. Tracking it would tell you clearly where the visitors are channeled thru, and what information they are searching for, which in turn you’ll provide it to them and earn their business.

Tracking your advertisements can clearly point out how well your deals are progressing and performing. Also, it could give you a clear indication on where to target your ads with full power, and where not to do so.

If you are running some affiliate program, such tracking can also give you a clear picture as to which of your affiliates are performing above the bar, and which ones are in need of your help.

5. Setup Own Affiliate Program.
It’s well aware that there are real people out there on internet who prefer to market others’ HOT items rather than having their own. Well, this is truly great news for you. Get a software program that allows you to offer your affiliates a channel to promote, and at the same time also you can train your own affiliate’s team in selling your product. AT the same time, you can very well utilize the auto-responders system for this function too

Do this by simply create a series of planned email messages that would coach your affiliates’ and their further downline’s team on how to promote your products or service. And also, it would be really a profit-earning feature if you and your affiliates’ team could track the advertisement campaigns. In doing this, you and your own affiliates team get to zoom in on both the most effective tactic, and single out the least effective methods. Then you could adjust your advertising campaigns accordingly and boost up your ROI.

6. Do Follow-up Consistently.
Then we come to this Customer Relationship Management (CRM) step. It can make you or break you. In every possible option and channel, you ought to always be prompt and extra courteous while communicating with all your potentials prospects and existing customers. Again, we could utilize the autoresponder or help desk software system in this. A simple automated respond like “Thank you for your kind inquiries. We will contact you shortly….”. Hey, this could really work wonders in projecting professional business image. It could act as the extra mile service that really makes a customer remains loyal, you’ll be surprise when these customers do refer you to their social group.

A Support Ticket system loaded with planned and pre-formatted answers for “Frequently Asked Questions” can help to reduce your response effort dramatically. It is even more powerful if email-merging functionality is integrated as well. Email-merge is a great feature that automatically including fields like your customer’s name, contact, email address, additional info…etc in your message. To the customer, it would look like this: “Hello Mr. Valuable, thank you for supporting us! We look forward to be able to serve you more!”

7. All In One Solution.
So, are you start to have headache after trying to follow all the above? Well then, we do have much better option! Use an “All in One” ecommerce solution in managing your business!

For the amount of time and money it will save you in your ebusiness activities, I whole-heartedly recommend ebusiness automation. An integrated “All in One” ecommerce solution is the best way to go. Everyone want to work smarter everyday, not harder!

Online business is most probably one of the fastest, easiest and profitable businesses to set up in today context. However, extra careful planning with proper execution can help to ensure your online business does not eventually become an unwanted burden for you. Automation for your internet business should be the answer. It could allow you to put your online business on “FULL” auto-pilot motion. In fact, you can also automate your entire online business starting from the customer’s very first visit to your site, till and beyond the follow-up stage after the sale. Furthermore, you can even build and train your affiliates with their team, manage your ezine. Put them all on auto-pilot motion!

The true power of ebusiness automation is the ability to enable you to re-focus and shift your personal attention for other things. Once you get it up and running, you’ll never have to go back to the stage where you need to manually manage almost everything in your online business empire!

Cheers for your Business Empire’s Success. Get the best of both in financial freedom and personal freedom.