Widgets PC

The widgets are tiny programs that offer useful and enterteining functions that go from the meteorological forecasts to the managing of the loudspeakers of the computer.

They are alike the pieces imantadas adhered at the edge of the icebox that they serve to take rapid notes or to have at sight a number of telephone. These small computer applications are situated very far from programs like Photoshop, MS Office or iTunes, capable of doing thousand work. Every? Widget? It(he,she) specializes itself in a task (in general, very simple), but it(he,she) does it of simple and effective form: them there is that they serve to rise or to lower the volume of the loudspeakers or to solve rapid rules of three; others show the hour in clocks of thousand styles, offer small windows lengthened to write a note of a rapid way or realize searches – in Google, in the dictionary of the RAE …-without need to open the mariner(browser).

The catalogue of usefulness(utilities) includes the meteorological forecasts, the news of the day of almost any web or the digital photos that the user has stored on the hard disk. Even, with? Widget? Adapted, the images proceeding from web pages will happen(pass) for the screen as Flick (http: // www.flickr.com), in that the intersailors guard his(her,your) photographic álbumes.

The programs of? Widgets? They are available in the most common operative systems (Windows, Mac YOU X and Linux) and with very varied and curious functions, but they all have something jointly: they disburden of the Net of a simple and rapid way (they are almost always free) and establish themselves in the computer. Some of them are seen of constant form at the back of the office and others appear on the screen when a key is pressed. Besides, they can manage comfortably with the mouse and the keyboard as one more program.

Yahoo! Widgets opened the users

One of the principal references inside them? Widgets? It(he,she) links itself with the word Konfabulator. With this name there was identified an application of payment that was offering to the intersailor the possibility of disburdening them? Widgets? That it(he,she) was developing both for Windows and for Mac YOU X. In spite of his(her,your) price (almost 20 Euros), the service took a great success as the creativity and usefulness(utility) of his(her,your) list of programs, between(among) them a clock of needles, a meteorological service and meters of the load of the battery in portable and of the use of the CPU (to measure the activity of the processor) in all kinds of computers.

The seeker Yahoo! He(she) acquired the service and not only it(he,she) decided to offer it of free form, but besides it(he,she) left part(report) of the code of opened Konfabulator in order that the users could agree to him(it) and to develop new? Widgets?. The page Konfabulator, now called Yahoo! Widgets (http: // widgets.yahoo.com/), it(he,she) shelters the new programs elaborated by the intersailors and allows that other users them should come out into his(her,your) computer, with what the number of these miniprograms and the diversity of his(her,your) functions have increased notably: modulators of volume, controls to handle the audio breeding animal(audio player) iTunes without need to open it, applications to connect with the most diverse radioes of Internet or windows to look for products in the big stores are some examples.

Dashboard: exclusive for Macintosh

Whereas Konfabulator is a service that can disburden so much in the computers that work with the operative system Windows as(like) in those who do it with the Mac YOU X, the agent of? Widgets? Dashbord is designed only for the computers Macintosh and his(her,your) tiny applications only work in these computers. It yes, it is not necessary to install anything: the program comes included from series in Mac’s last version You X, called Tiger.

This service offers, between(among) other things, dictionaries as that of the RAE, translators of different languages, information of the time, of the news of current importance, a calculator, a conversor of units and other one(different) of coins updated in royal(real) time. Enclosed Dashboard has an application to follow(continue) the arrival of the flights to the different airports and to know if they accumulate or I am not late, so that the user can fit his(her,your) exit.

Google Desktop’s lateral bar

All the applications and services that there develops the seeker Google take the simplicity and the practical sense as common characteristics. A few years ago this company threw to the Net Google Desktop, a program that was disburdening to the computer and was serving in order that the users could look between(among) the files and programs of the hard disk for that one that they were wishing. Was not it exactly one? Widget?, it(he) was not even so nice or so entertained like they it are those of Konfabulator and Dashboard, but yes very usefully.

Recently has Google Desktop been completed by a series of? Widgets? Between(among) that it(he,she) stands out his(her,your)? Lateral bar?. This application offers the same services that they can find in other agents. Nevertheless, far from consisting of a set of small programs dispersed by the screen to the taste of the user, her(it)? Lateral bar? Of Google Desktop it is not possible to move of the straight margen of the monitor and occupies it of it(he,she) arrives below(down) offering his(her,your) services in waterfall.

Does other one differ of her(it)? Lateral bar? Of Google Desktop it(he,she) consists of the fact that his(her,your) functions seem to be more thought to save the user unnecessary searches in Internet that to simplify the managing of some functions of the computer. It? Lateral bar? It informs about the last messages of e-mail that they have been received and from when they came to the mailbox. Also it(he,she) includes a compendium of news of current importance. Besides, it(he,she) allows to accede to the service of Google’s maps and to see the contacts of the service of instantaneous messenger company Google Talk.