4 Steps to Being Successful Online and Offline

Many people have come online to make enough money to either quit the day job, bring moms home to raise the children, obtain financial independence, or just to help get out of debt. The numbers of people pursuing these things are dramatically increasing day by day.

Heck, I’ve only come online a few months ago to, ultimately, have financial independence. At the time of this writing I haven’t achieved my main goal yet and i’m not going to be a self-proclaimed “guru” like a lot of people. I’m here to help set you straight as to what you need to do in order to accomplish what you want.

Typically, this can be divided up into several points.

#1 You MUST have a goal!

If you do not have a goal set then you are just wasting your time. Think about this for a moment: Whenever you get in your car you always have a goal. How many times have you got in your car and didn’t know where you were going? You just ended up wasting your time…didn’t you? I know I have done that from time to time.

#2 You MUST have a vehicle(s) to get you there!

Back to the car example…you won’t get far if you step into your garage and you don’t have the proper vehicle to get you where you want to go. Say you wanted to go on a trip and all you had was a bicycle….not exactly the best vehicle to get you to your destination.

When you are striving for more out of life financially you need to have the proper vehicle also. The beauty of this is that some people create their own vehicle to wealth. Bill Gates for example created his vehicle (Microsoft) which got him to be one of the richest men in the world. Don’t worry….you don’t have to be a Bill Gates or Sam Walton in order to obtain your dreams and goals in life. You can also take part in a business system. That is a system that has already been created for you and all you have to do is do the work…which brings us to the next point.

#3 You MUST be willing to TAKE ACTION!

Yes, it is great and you must learn everything you can but do not fall into a trap that many people do. I call this “information overload”. It is when they know so much and continue to learn that they start second guessing themselves and they don’t actually take any action at all.

I feel this affects more people than we think it does. You just have to remember that your situation will not change if you do not apply what you have learned. You also need to remember that you will not have all the answers before you begin.


Without these you will find yourself starting something new all the time and never really finishing anything. The biggest waste of time is a project you start but never finish! This part can be the hardest for some because you will not always see the results and many times you will not be motivated to do what it takes. That is why you must have your goals in front of you so you know what you are striving for!

Sometimes you will find yourself doing stuff and doing stuff without seeing any reward. That is when a lot of people quit. They say, “Oh, this isn’t working!” and they move on to something else without ever realizing if they would just stick with it a little bit longer they could get the results they were looking for. Many people seem to quit right before something BIG happens! How much faith do you have in yourself, your project or your business?

These are probably the most valuable points that I can give you. If you study every successful person in the world I bet you will find these 4 points. You might be thinking, “Oh…I know that stuff!” and if you do I challenge you to actually put these principles into action in your own life!

Remember, there are no secrets to success. Just people who are willing to have goals, the proper vehicle to achieve what they want, proper action, and persistent/consistent effort in what they do.

Take these principles and apply them and I’ll see you at the TOP!