NewsWeek and FeedFlare: RSS Going Viral

FeedFlare has been an interesting idea from FeedBurner from the start, further expanding on RSS to allow RSS subscribers to easier distribute the content they like to their friends and otherwhise interact with the content item, directly from the RSS Reader.

Just a quick recap:

  • Tag the item at and notify the people listening to you of the new content you like
  • Access comments to this post and immediately participate in the conversation, as well as get more information on the subject
  • E-mail the item to a friend
  • Directly e-mail the author
  • And so on …

But now NewsWeek decided to use this service to better allow their own readers to distribute NewsWeek content to the world.

The implications of this are simple, but profound: NewsWeek is going to enable their readers to virally spread their content, the content they are subscribing to through their RSS feeds.