Adidas +10

Martin has been helping out with the new Adidas campaign and pointed me to a mini site he’s been seeding. The site, dedicated to football is also about the release of the new Predator Absolute shoe. A Flash animation takes you on a tour through the features of the shoe (I never knew there were so many parts in a football shoe!) and after the tour, you’re invited to reassemble the shoe against the clock yourself.

Other sections of this branded site are the ‘players’ which features 5 screens where in every screen a part of the powers of the player is revealed and illustrated in an original way.

The ‘TV room’ features commercials, player interviews and behind the scenes edits. It’s pretty fun the see, so you’ll definitely have to check this section. There are 7 commercials. All of them are funny. Concept: twelve international players go through the streets of their cities looking for a dream team to compete against.

Cole vs. Cisse – (England vs France)
Xavi vs. Gomes – (Spain vs Portugal)
Kaka vs. Riquelme – (Brazil vs Argentina)
Nakamura vs. Del Piero – (Japan vs Italy)
De Jong vs. Kuranyi – (Netherlands vs Germany)
Maestroni vs. Lozano – (US vs Mexico)

The ‘Downloads’ section has wallpapers, screensavers and ads. Yes, ads! High Quality PDF versions of screenshots from the superb commercial they’ve aired a while ago. Here’s the YouTube link for that clip.

The ‘Gear’ section is a store where you can see all kinds of boots, jerseys, pants and hardware (like shin protectors etc) and is more or less mandatory. Nevertheless, it’s well designed.

You can also play some games on the site in the quite extended ‘Games’ section. You’ll have to register to play, but it’s worth it.

Last but not least, in the ‘Pro Skills’ section you can learn how to practice your moves and improve your game. The ‘Bag of Tricks’ link currently features Morientes displaying his skills.

Check out the brand new site | Thanks, Martin