Pixelotto ¡And do it again!

Opposite to what I thought at a first time, five days ago Pixelotto has been release and collected in that day, more than 80 thousand dollars, with many mini banners in the site. There is no doubt that Alex Tew has businessman’s blood.

About Pixelotto’s release, that same day the BBC published an article about what Alex Tew did in the past. They tell that Alex didn’t want to invest in other business ideas, but in buying a house. Could the best business be, the one in which we don’t invest?

Besides something that can interest us, is related to the drawing of the million dollars. To be able to take part it’s not necessary to be an advertiser, the drawing is for visitors. For it, we only have to register in this page, and every day do clicks in Pixelotto’s banners (max. 10 x day). Every month, an advertisement will be draw, and of those that have done click in this advertisement will be a second random draw winner (100 thousand dollars x month).

Pixelotto newly born and clearly to become a whole success.