Microsoft makes pact with Novell

After years, the open source and proprietary software bring positions over. Microsoft has signed an agreement with Novell, who will lead them to collaborate in three basic items:

First, both companies sign a peace treatment on lawsuits for patents. Of course that will not concern Dell’s accusation against Microsoft raised in 2004, but from now Microsoft will not sue for violation of patents not even to particular developers of Linux.

Secondly, they will work together for compatibility not only on office automation products MS Office and Open Office, but also the operative systems, to facilitate the use of Windows and Suse simultaneously in the same machine.

Thirdly, Microsoft will recommend Suse Linux to their clients, and will resell coupons for maintenance and distribution. Besides, each one will attend to other one clients and will move them to the corresponding help service.

“This series of agreements will help to stretch a bridge between open-source and proprietary source software”, said Steve Ballmer, executive chief of Microsoft. Right now, the news has increased Novell’s actions up to 50 %, for not speaking about the climate of reigning optimism in Internet, now that the giant Microsoft recognizes to free software as an important market actor.

Source: ZDNet