The real value of mature IT workers

Forrester’s report defends the capacities and knowledge of mature workers as company assets.

In opposition with the British press and blogsphere that have filled lately with commentaries about how the path of new technologies, in continuous transformation, needs young workers, in conditions to fight with the digital age; now Forrester’s report tries to finish with this attitude of scorn towards the major IT workers.

The affirmation that claims that mature people have difficulties to adapt to technology is “irresponsible and simply false”, as Phil Murphy makes clear in his report, directed to “avoiding the war” between young and mature workers.

“A third of these mature workers don’t have any problem with the management; their anxiety for learning new technologies only needs stimulus and tools access“, thinks Murphy; who insists that to ignore mature workers is “counter-productive” for the business.

Murphy affirms that not only these workers are not going to retire in mass, as some people believed time ago, but they can contribute to the company as “counselors” that collaborates with the youngest personnel.

Finally, the report warns that the key to start a successful IT business is in the available workforce development. So instead of excluding a whole band of age, the direction should take advantage on the different skills and combine the different generations’ knowledge.

Source: Theregister