The secret to Yahoo Answers succes

Even when searches, in Yahoo! are losing market in comparison with Google, to call people to create their own content really can give result.

Business 2.0 has published an interesting article about Yahoo Answers’s success, considered the second most popular site of information on Internet, only after the Wikipedia.

In June, Yahoo Answers had more than 12 million unique visitors, 35 per cent more than the previous month (to have a clearer idea, YouTube had 13.4 million visitors in June).

Which is the secret of Yahoo Answers’s success?

According to the article, the secret is to achieve that users create content. Is for it, that in Yahoo Answers, anyone can make a question and, also, anyone can give a response. There are no specialists here, gurus or anything like that.

But why do users create these contents? The phenomenon seems to be the same as in blogs. Web surfers prefer to know real histories, from equal persons to them. Then, the secret is to produce material by and for equals. For example, a woman who wants to loose weight is not interested in reading diets books; she prefers to know what another woman did with the same issue.

Source: The secret to Yahoo Answers’ success