Better Than Google AdSense?

Which would you prefer? Collecting 5¢ per click from Google AdSense? Or collecting $50 per sale from CBprosense? Sounds simple? Maybe it is simple. Nonetheless, there are details, and heaven and hell are in the details!

First, in the interest of full disclosure, let me point out that I am presently a CBprosense user. I have used Google AdSense in the past, and decided to switch.

However, it’s important to realize that these are two different ways of getting paid for displaying ads on your website or blog. And, they calculate pay differently. In addition, they sell different types of items, which also figures into your earning potential.

Let’s look at Google AdSense, first. What happens is that Google scans the text on your site. It then matches your text with tiny ads that relate to what you’ve mentioned. If a reader clicks-on an ad, then reader’s screen displays a new page presenting a sales offer. The advertiser agrees to pay you (the website owner) anything from a few cents to a few dollars per click.

How much you get per click depends on the words the ad relates to. Unpopular words (like “armpit,” let’s say) are worth pennies. Popular words (like “iPod”) are worth dollars.

There’s something very attractive about Google AdSense. After all, you lock-in payment as soon as someone gets curious enough to click-on a tiny ad. They may choose to merely check out the details. They may buy, they may not. Not your problem!

On the other hand, they may buy a $10,000 boat. Either way, you just get paid that little amount promised per click.

The point is it costs the reader nothing directly to check out an offer. So, if you can get enough highly directed traffic to your website, odds are you’ll get clicks and make a modest, but predictable profit every month.

Still, all those ads wouldn’t be up if the advertisers didn’t believe these clicks would eventually result in a sale. And, not just for a few dollars.


The CB in CBprosense stands for ClickBank, the net’s premiere source of instantly downloadable eBooks and programs. Right there, you’ll notice a huge difference.

Remember the boat ad example? Well, you won’t find a boat ad on CBprosense. You might find an eBook on how to buy, fix, or care for a boat—maybe even a program to enter multiple auctions. I haven’t seen any such boat-related ads, but all that counts as instantly downloadable.

Why does this matter? Because, it means rapid transaction, so you get paid faster.

Not faster than Google AdSense, though.

Why? Well, there’s generally a 30-day guarantee associated with ClickBank downloads. However, once you’ve got an income stream going, you’ll like that it pays-out every two weeks. Most affiliate programs pay out monthly, you see.

So, why bother with CBprosense? Again, payouts are every two weeks. After the first 30-day waiting period, you could get paid twice a month.

Second, ClickBank items typically sell for $50-$200. And—get this—you get a 40%-75% commission! Now, as far as I am concerned, that is worth the wait!

Nonetheless, Google AdSense is free to join, while you have to pay to join CBprosense. So, you can see why some have joined Google AdSense as a matter of course. Also, Google AdSense is a better known brand.

So, there are pros and cons on both sides of the equation. Nonetheless, for those willing to pay a very reasonable entry fee, are willing to communicate with a website’s support team to get the program installed, and are willing to be patient and obtain traffic, CBprosense offers some serious benefits over its competition.