How Viable Your Internet Business Will Be

There are many people who want to start a business on internet. This is simply because they may have heard about the many different options available on the internet. The two most preferable reasons for people being eager to start a web business are…

1) They can make their own flexible working hours.

2) Get a handle on their personal lives.

The truth is that you may never achieve any of the above two if you do not follow the proper path for internet business success. i.e. to say in the beginning, it may require to work long hours to make yourself familiar with the actual internet business environment.

You may work aimlessly by surfing different sites looking for an opportunity, or, You may have submitted your ad to many different classified sites without getting any result. In both ways, you loose a lot of your time and energy.

There are many people looking for a new career where they can work at home and make money. While searching Internet for “work at home jobs”, one will be bombarded with a number of websites. However, there are several scams floating around on the Internet that one needs to watch out for.

One needs be specially careful of:

1) All “get rich quick” schemes asking for an investment, because most legitimate job advertisements will not ask for an investment.

2) Those companies that says “no experience required” for joining their program. Well, it might be true that you don’t need an experience to start with. But take the fact: You need to gain lot of experience, also need much more time and effort from your part to succeed in any business (later you will get more information on that). Now if the company is saying that “no experience is required” then it is expected that they will have a proper training area in their sites if you join them. So before joining you need to ask them about what type of training you will get from them and how their training will increase your income from their program.

Avoid at first look those companies who says “no experience or computer knowledge required, etc etc”, and they themselves don’t have any training material.

More could be discussed on this scam issue, but it will require another article for that.

But my topic here is to look at the viability of the success of your web business, so here I go:

When you are going to start a business, first you have to look at two important aspects of your own that you can afford:

1) How much time you can give to your business?
2) How much money you can put in your business?

You may have seen the often quoted remarks in internet “spending money is optional, but spending time is not” several times, and by my personal experience I know how TRUE the remark is, specially for a newbie.


Let me give an example. Say you are thinking of a paid per click campaign,like google adwords. Assume that you can afford a lot of money for your advertisements. Then you can get your ad listed in search engines instantly, by selecting 5 high paying keywords and some days later you notice no sale/response from your ad, though you got many clicks on your ad. So in this process you lost quite a bit of your bucks. So before researching on how adwords work, and the ins and outs of paid per click games, can you expect some income ? So that leads to the conclusion that ultimately you have to give your time in learning how adwords work, though you attempted for a quick earning through adwords. More simply, Money is not the solution for all problem.

In my opinion free traffic get more result than paid traffic in the long run. If you are aiming for an instant income you will need paid traffic ( but again, as discussed before, you need to spend some of your time to know how the paid Traffic system work).

But if you are looking for success for future, which will keep growing on autopilot, you must rely on free traffic (specially if you are not with the same categories with the expert marketers). You should learn about every free traffic system that are available, and how to, without spending much time, use them for your maximum profit. So, needless to say, to learn how to use all those free traffic system and then to build your various income streams on those traffic systems, you need to spend a lot of your time for days, months, or years, even if you are not getting any result at the beginning.

This is not to say that paid traffic does not work. But investing a huge amount for paid traffic is for Experienced marketers only.

If a beginner invests a good bucks on paid traffic, there is a good chance for his failure. Though he can invest occasionally, if his budget afford, to paid traffic, and test the result.

So here goes the time and money part. Now you need to think about building multiple streams of income.

Building multiple streams of income is becoming an important aspect of web business, since everyday new entrepreneurs are entering and the competition is rising. (But the good thing is that internet sale is also increasing day by day.) In internet, different types of legitimate income streams are possible.

For example, there are many paid per click programs where you can show ads for the advertisers on your site and earn money. There are many list building programs where you can build your list even if you don’t have your own ezine.

People are more eager now to help each other, because they know there is a possibility of income in every system. But again, as it is a business, there will be risk. To overcome that risk you need to rely on multiple streams of income, i.e. build your various businesses on capturing as many internet income avenues as possible.

Now, this is where your money can help you.To build a multiple streams of income you need to organise your time and resources. You also need to be assured of your talents, strength, writing and communicating skills, selling ability etc. You may not have all these qualities and also may not be able to handle all these by your own. So you can pay others to do some of those jobs for you.

One of the best ways to build multiple streams of income is from affiliate programs. In making sales, it is affiliate programs that comes in various shapes and forms. For a starter, joining an affiliate program is a sure path to learn good secrets on marketing, because most legitimate affiliate programs offer guides on how to market their products. You can simply research some good affiliate programs, and join those programs. You can generate income from affiliate programs even if you don’t sell any products by yourself as there are 2 tier affiliate programs where you get paid for each sale of your first level referrals. But before thinking of a 2 tier program you need to be assured that your referrals are able to make sale for you. You can get some good affiliate programs at the resource box at the end of the article.

You should work hard to make your multiple streams of income more stable.

So if you consider starting a web business and be doubtful about how much successful it will be in future, you need to consider how much you can handle the following aspects:

1) How much time you can give.

2) How much money you can put.

3) As there is a chance for your business to fail, how you can build, within the reach of your time, money and ability, other businesses, and in that way create multiple streams of income.

4) How you can stabilise that multiple streams of income. This is to say how you can make your multiple businesses stable, and if any one of them fail or become outdated, how you can implement an alternative for that. This you can do only by gaining proper knowledge about marketing, web designing and sales copy writing. (some of these works you can outsource to others also).