Starting with Google AdSense

Alot of people have heard about Google AdSense and wonder where to start. First is the obvious, a website. Almost all of my domains are purchased and hosted with I find them very reliable and inexpensive, great for websmasters just starting out. At the time of this writing you can use promo code SAVETEN to save 10% off any purchase. There are alot of promo codes out there to save $1 or $2, or $5 off $30; just do a google search for godaddy promo codes and you’ll find plenty.

The first thing you’ll need to do is decide on a name for your domain. It’s not very easy these days with so many of the obvious choices being taken already. You’ll have to get a bit creative in some cases. You can always link words together with a hypen “-” . You’ll want to think about the words you use carefully because they may make the difference when you are trying to get high scores on search engines later on. If this isnt an issue for you, then choose whatever sounds best.

Hosting is your next concern. Hosting ranges anywhere from shared hosintg, to dedicated servers and the prices can be as cheap as $3 a month to over $150 a month depending on what you choose. I recommend which has hosting as low as $3.95 a month, or lower if you pay for 12-24 months at a time. You most likely wont be experiancing lots of traffic in the beginning so this is a great hosting plan until its time to upgrade. After taking care of the domain name and the hosting, you are set to begin. Not sure what to add as far as content? Check back later for an entry about creating your website. Good luck!