Improving our thinking process

Pat Croce, make us remember that in this new world full of competition, our best weapons are fresh ideas that can distinguish our products or services.

But yes, some times we can face a mental blank at our drawing board and then take us to the right moment to explore new ways to come up with creative thoughts.

Because thought its true, by learning their brainstorming patterns, we can demystify our creative thought processes and generate better ideas with more regularity; it’s also true that activities as daydream considered by many as a waste of time are actually invaluable pieces of the creativity machine.

Activities such as common ideas we usually left behind worrying about their value, ignoring that what may seem a lark today could spark a brilliant idea tomorrow.

At last, Croce gives us a very good advice, once you get an idea and rates its potential; don’t forget to transform this new idea into reality by making a plan to implement it. Of course, an idea remains meaningless unless it’s put into action. Our mind will feel really reward if we show that the process of getting new ideas become real once in a while.

I think is true, in order to think brighter, we must teach our mind that every thought is value and a potential reality in our life.

Link: Think Brighter