Entrepreneurs, our best weapon

Actually, you can here about entrepreneurship almost everywhere, but to listen that this new culture of creativity has saved capitalism is quite surprising.

Newsweek made us remember than about 30 percent of the U.S labor force, run their own businesses and almost half of the university graduates start their own business during their careers.

Even most important, they confirm that most U.S. job growth and new technology comes from entrepreneurial companies instead of capitalism companies.

In other words, that old and strong capitalism became an entrepreneurial capitalism in order to survive in this changing world.

They said:

“One reason our new era of entrepreneurial capitalism has surprised so many is that it is so different from what came before it. From the mid-1940s through the mid-’70s, America had an economy of the big—big business, big labor, big government, what some have called bureaucratic capitalism”.

But don’t panic, U.S economy will not fall apart, this revolutionary development is in almost every single mind and finally we are going to adapt, is a human characteristic.

Big world economies already realize that entrepreneurs our best weapon to improve former economies.

Source: Newsweek