Official : PVR Ads Are More Effective

Johnnie and I spoke at the Market Research Society’s annual bash yesterday, at The Barbican in London. We did an overview of the user-generated world to an audience of about 200 before handing over to Dr Alastair Goode of Duckfoot and Julian Dobinson who heads up Sky Media’s research.Â

Alastair presented the findings of research which shows that ads are more effective when viewed at PVR speed (30 x faster than normal) – if and it’s a big if – people have already seen the advert. The reason is all to do with the efficiency of the subconscious – ‘Blink’ style.Â

There is no doubting Alastair’s credentials or methodology but it’s a difficult one for the industry to digest. For instance, one member of the audience asked if it meant Sky were about to launch ad breaks with 1 second long slots? The proceedings were all chaired by Richard Huntingdon, Head Planner at United London (previously HHCL) who has developed a nasty blogging habit here ;-).